We are pleased to announce that DD Cooling are now an approved EcoDuct Delivery Partner. For insulated ducting projects, we are now able to offer both Spiralite® and Koolduct® products to suit the specific application.

Traditionally, HVAC ductwork is constructed from galvanised sheet steel, which is installed first and then insulated separately as a second operation. Our new partnership allows DD Cooling to provide our clients with more lightweight, cost effective, space and energy saving solutions.

Both Spiralite® and Kingspan KoolDuct® systems have numerous advantages over traditional metal ducting with mineral fibre insulation. Installed in a single–fix and available in a variety of colours and finishes, allowing your project to benefit from open to view aesthetics. Our new product ranges offer the highest levels of thermal efficiency, clean air distribution, speed of installation; and allowing reduced floor space and headroom.

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Spiralite and koolduct insulated ventilation ducting