Frequently Asked Questions

Air conditioning can provide a comfortable working environment for staff and customers, therefore increases productivity.

Yes it can, all our air-conditioning systems can provide heat as well as cooled air. The system can be set and changed depending on your preferences throughout the year.

Yes we do, following a new installation we would send a maintenance schedule quotation specific for the serviceable items. We also offer maintenance contracts for existing installed equipment as required.

HFCs, CFCs and HCFCs all come under the term “F gas”. These gases are used in a variety of refrigeration equipment which includes air conditioning. F gases have long been associated with contributing to ozone depletion and global warming.

Recent EU legislation means that these gases must be limited in use. The release of F gases into the atmosphere is now strictly controlled to safeguard the environment. Should air conditioning equipment contain 3kg of an F gas or more, legally, the owner must arrange inspections at least once a year. If the equipment contains 30kg of an F gas or more, quarterly inspections will be necessary.

We are accredited and approved by REFCOM and DEFRA to test F gas equipment. We can also arrange F gas checks as part of your Planned Maintenance Contract with us.

Cold rooms can be constructed within existing buildings or externally to meet customers own specific requirements.

We offer a wide range of options to give you complete control over your build and facility management including remote temperature monitoring. In addition, cold rooms can come either floored or floorless and with additional options of anti-slip, stainless steel or reinforced floor surfaces. In addition, we have a wide range of accessories including sliding doors, strip curtains, viewing windows, hanging rails, racking and stainless-steel protection kerbing.

Yes we do. Site surveys are carried out free of charge by our own engineers to ensure specific customer requirements are met.

Depending on use, freezer or chilled we would match the appropriate system to achieve desired temperature requirements.

No, you can put any product in them which requires chilling or freezing. Common non-food businesses using cold rooms include florists, breweries and pharmacies.

We recommend a cold room is serviced twice a year, this will ensure its integrity and safety to store your business’s produce.

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