CO2 Cooling Systems

Increasing efficiency demands and stringent environmental legislation are driving an increase in the use of CO2 refrigeration.

As the Global Warming Potential (GWP)  values for HFC refrigerants are several thousand times higher than for CO2, leakage of CO2 gas from a refrigeration system is consequently several thousand times less damaging to the environment than the release of any HFC gas.

From an environmental perspective, CO2 is a very attractive refrigerant with zero ODP and a GWP
of 1. It is a naturally occurring substance and abundant in the atmosphere


CO2 has several unique thermophysical properties:

  • Very good heat transfer coefficient
  • Relatively insensitive to pressure losses
  • Very low viscosity
  • In practical applications, the CO2 systems deliver very high performance, the main reasons being better heat exchange, very low pumping power when CO2 is used as a secondary fluid, and in cold climate the possibility of operating with a very low condensing pressure in the winter.

With an established reputation and client base across the North West, DD Cooling are the number one choice for all your CO2 refrigeration requirements. From small domestic projects through to large scale industrial and commercial installations, DD Cooling deliver full turn-key CO2 refrigeration packages.

With a qualified and dedicated team, we support you through the entire process from design and quotation of your refrigeration system to installation, maintenance and aftercare support.  We strive to deliver projects with minimal disruption to your home or business and within the agreed timescales.

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CO2 Cooling Systems

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